10 Ways To Become A More Well-Rounded Person

10 Ways To Become A More Well-Rounded Person

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to become more well-rounded.

There are so many ways to become more well-rounded but I’ve found the top 10 I’ll be trying. Whether it was back in school or at work now, sometimes I just have no idea what people are talking about. However, I’m here to change that.

Do you ever feel like you don’t know as much as others do? Or can’t contribute to conversations because you know nothing about the topics? Because I do.

Thanks to the internet, anyone can learn anything. However, it takes more than just Googling everything to actually retain information. Upon doing some research, I’ve come up with my top 10 ways of learning more and becoming more knowledgable.

There’s always something new to learn.

I mean, this whole blog was started so that I’d become more well-rounded. You can read more about me and more about why I started blogging here

But without further ado, here’s my list and hopefully it inspires you to do the same!

10 Things To Become More Well-Rounded

1. Read more books. There are millions of books out there and yet a lot of us stick with what we know. Almost like we do with music. Next time you’re at the book store (or iTunes), maybe pick up a different genre. For instance, try reading a book about a hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Been wanting to learn another language? You have to start somewhere! Books give us those opportunities.

I’m currently reading The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming by David Wallace-Wells from Barnes and Noble.

Bright Books and Lamp
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2. Try a variety of hobbies. I recently took up painting and turns out, I love it! My imagination needs some work but there’s something about painting that I never knew I could do. So, next time you’re on the verge of shutting it down, try it first.

3. Travel to new places. There’s nothing like traveling to learn about other cultures, religions, customs, traditions and lifestyles. Even if you don’t set off to a ’round-the-world adventure, taking a road trip near where you live can do the same thing. It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and discovering a whole new world outside of your own little world. 

Toronto Buildings Street
Toronto, Ontario – Photo: Karina Caro

My family and I recently took a trip to Las Vegas so I rounded up my top 5 favorite things to do there. Click here to read!

4. Eat different foods. I’m one of those people that always gets the same thing at the same restaurants all the time. But lately, I’ve been looking at the entire menu and turns out there’s SO much that I’ve never tried. We stick with what we love and there’s nothing wrong with that. Consequently, it’s hindering us from venturing out and trying other things. Next time, order something you’ve never order before or choose some place new!

5. Read the news. The iPhone News app is amazing. You can custom select the news sources for your feed. Maybe when you wake up, replace Facebook with a reliable news outlet. The news teaches us about what’s happening in our area, in the country and around the world. Most importantly, the hottest celebrity gossip. If you’d like to get the News app, check the App Store or click here.


 Self-awarness. Being aware of my feelings is a huge thing for me because I have anxiety. In other words, I’m required to feel things I don’t normally want to feel. However, if I’ve learning anything about anxiety, it gets worse when I try to ignore it.  In short,  being self aware means you’re aware of what you’re saying, how you act, your desires and what you’re putting out into the world. 

In efforts of becoming more well-rounded, I’m also in the process of researching how to adapt healthier habits.

6. Watch movies, tv, and documentaries. One great way to become more well-rounded is to watchTV. No, but seriously. TV and movies can teach us so much about life and about ourselves. Documentaries offer expert knowledge on various subjects. I’d recommend going on Netflix or Hulu or whatever streaming service you have and browse through their docs and add them to your list. They’re a great way to learn. Maybe try a movie you’re always hearing about or a tv show everyone’s always referencing that you never get. Entertainment isn’t just entertainment if you choose the right content.

7. Learn about other cultures. Although traveling may be the best way to learn about other cultures by actually being there and experiencing it, the internet may the best second best. If you’re learning another language, get to the know the culture. If you’ve lost touch with your heritage, pick up some books at the bookstore. Or if you’re just curious about other countries, read about them. As a Mexican-American, I have two whole histories I can be learning so I definitely don’t have an excuse.

8. Listen and communicate better. There are ways to communicate frustration, sadness, anger, confusion and negative attitude in a civil way. Learn ways of successfully communicating instead of spreading bad words where they aren’t necessary. As a society, we’ve become accustomed to sharing bad thoughts and energy right into social media and taking it out on others. Learn how to have conversations with others, share positive energy and listen. Listening takes practice. I catch myself not listening so it’s something I need to work on.

Coming up: Apologizing Less Has Made Me More Confident

9. Manage your finances. If you’re an adult like me (or at least trying to be) then you know the struggle. I’ve lived on my own for 2 years now and I finally have a system down when it comes to money management. I’ve had to learn about my credit, bank accounts, debt and paying bills pretty much on my own. My goal is to become more aware of my spending, make sure I’m paying my debt with what I can and raising that credit score. 

10. Practice gratitude and self care. This is an important one. I’d like to get to a place where gratitude comes naturally. We’re living in a world where hate exists in every corner but it’s up to us to spread the love that’s ultimately greater. Taking care of our minds and bodies, getting help when it’s needed, breaking the stigma around mental health, being kind to others and ourself needs to be a priority. Your well being comes fist.

On My Way to Becoming A Better Version of Myself

I never want to become someone who always needs to be right and the know-it-all but having common knowledge is important. Especially right now in the world we live it, we need more educated people. I’m sure there are plenty more ways of becoming more well-rounded. But after some research, these top 10 (and the bonus!) will be my focus. 

Which one will you be trying? Or do you have your own list? I’d love to compare notes with you!


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Thanks for reading, I’m on my way to become more well-rounded!



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