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Hi, I’m Karina!

I’m a blogger living and working in Las Vegas, NV with my kitty cat, Lady. When I’m not typing away on my laptop or working at my local TV station, I’m probably tweeting about Taylor Swift or eating chips and watching classic Disney Channel movies.

But First, Why I’m Here

When I started blogging a few years back, they said I should write about my passions or something I’m really good at but I’m not gonna to lie to you, I’m not an expert at anything. However, when I want something, I go and get it. (I guess I am good at something…)

So this is what this blog is for: it’s where I share the tools you’ll need to make your goals finally happen.

Here’s some backstory:

Back in 2015, I dropped to 86 pounds at 22 years old. (I’ve always been a small person but never under 100 pounds) Anxiety had taken over every part of my being and that’s when I decided (with my family’s support) to take it back once and for all. That year was a year from hell and I’ve made it my life’s mission to never, EVER let that happen again. 

That doesn’t mean anxiety isn’t part of my life anymore, I guess it always will be. But I chose to not let it drive my life, I’ll be doing the driving from now on. (I didn’t mean to get so dramatic there)

After plenty of doctor visits and breaking up from the toxic relationship I was in, I wanted a better life. A life where I didn’t feel an empty hole in my stomach or the taste of cardboard every time I tried eating. (The tasteless pizza I let go to waste, so tragic…) Ever since, I’ve been more self-aware, mindful and constantly bettering my relationship with anxious thoughts that creep in from time to time.

I’m won’t necessarily be talking about getting materialistic things only. I’m also talking about setting reachable goals and going after what you want.

Wanna get started RIGHT NOW?

Let’s start with changing our vocab, shall we: instead of “dreams“, let’s use “goals“. That way they’re not unreachable aspirations that may or may not happen in the distant future. Now they’re tangible, real objectives in which you have substantial power to make happen. And I have just the tools you’ll need in the process.

Your Next Steps…

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01. What was I talking about?

For a shy person, I sure like to talk a lot. The topics you’ll find here will range from time management to sort out your priorities, productivity strategies to practice, probably some motivational speeches from yours truly and the many ways you can manifest the life you want.

02. Been there, done that.

Unfortunately, there isn’t some quick guide to creating the life you want. But with the right tools, we can get there together. My own experiences will shape the way I share those tools with you. We’ve all been through some stuff but that stuff will ultimately make us better humans, tougher humans.

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03. Wanna chat?

I’m always available (when I’m not freaking out about Taylor Swift). Get in touch with me anytime, you know where to find me.

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