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Hi, I’m Karina!

I’m here to guide us through a mindful journey every day and create a successful and healthy mindset through the power of now.

Here, you’ll have the opportunities to…

✔️ Create new daily routines to help you become more conscious of your lifestyle choices

✔️ Shift any negative and/or limiting beliefs into a more productive and clear mindset

✔️ Broaden your awareness in everyday life and get to where you’re going in a happier state

A little about why I’m here…

There was a point in my adult life where I dropped to 86 pounds (I’ve always been a small person but never under 100 pounds). Anxiety had taken over every part of my being and that’s when I decided (with my family’s support) to take it back once and for all.

It took me a long time (years) to realize that anxious thoughts don’t have to define who I am. So I’ve been dedicating myself to forming a better and healthier relationship with anxiety through meditation and other mindful practices every single day.

At times it isn’t easy if you don’t know where to start or how to go about it but that’s why I’m here. I’ve done my homework, I’m putting it into daily practice and still learning (self-development never ends!)

Whether you also have anxious thoughts, or stressed out, or seeking a way out of those limiting beliefs and for a more clear and peaceful mind, these guides are for you. Happy reading!

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